Sustainability It is personal

We have highlighted these internationally active companies since they have three key things in common:

  1. strong Swedish roots and heritage – the founder of each company was Swedish – and the companies still have a main office in Sweden;
  2. they get up close and personal with their customers at that most visceral level of basic needs – shelter, warmth, sustenance and attractiveness
  3. Sustainability is a part of their successful business strategy, and of their business operations


Our focus in this article is on their third common characteristic: Sustainability. We shall look briefly at what Sustainability means, at its Wicked nature and at the Personal Responsibility that lies at its core.

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Sustainability It is personal
Today, you probably woke up on an IKEA bed between IKEA cotton sheets, and used any number of their kitchen products to get breakfast fixed. It is also possible that you dressed with something good from H&M.
As individuals - whether business leaders or not - living Sustainably is easier when you understand that active Responsibility is at the heart of Sustainability, and Personal Responsibility pulses at its core.
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