If you drive with your eyes fixed only on the bonnet or hood, you will crash. If at speed you look only at the section of the road immediately in front of you, you will crash. And if you believe that you are the only person driving on that stretch of road, and can concentrate on anything but the road, you will avoid danger just as long as your luck holds. How many of us in business operate with our eyes fixed only on the bonnet, with little or no attempt to view what is down the road, with scant preparation for the Wicked Problems2 ahead and a dim long-term view of where we want to go? And yet we keep accelerating, hoping that if we ignore things, they will either go away, or others will take care of us, or technology will keep us safe.

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A new tool for decision makers. The Boardroom Issues Filter.
The Boardroom Issues Filter is a tool designed to give all decision makers a clear process for reaching considered and appropriate courses of action.
The Sustainable Development Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals: Solution / Seduction - A Wicked Look at Goals 8 and 12
The Diamond of Responsibility
What makes us human? Is it what we value? If we were to ask ourselves to come up with a quick review on what we value, what would we list?
Sustainability It is personal
Today, you probably woke up on an IKEA bed between IKEA cotton sheets, and used any number of their kitchen products to get breakfast fixed. It is also possible that you dressed with something good from H&M.
As individuals - whether business leaders or not - living Sustainably is easier when you understand that active Responsibility is at the heart of Sustainability, and Personal Responsibility pulses at its core.
How Good Could Your Business Be?
“I’m the creative director. My role is to develop the brand and make sure that we in every detail should be able to breath, smell and taste Nudie Jeans core values”, says Maria Erixon, Co-founder and Creative Director of Nudie Jeans.