Bengt creates “brain holder” value for his clients. He intuitively detects the development potential in a person and uses creativity, courage and sometimes provocation as a fertilizer to the client’s soil. In this way the client reaches new heights and boosts his/her contribution to the organization in a mutually beneficial way. Grounded in ethics, technology, philosophy and human behaviour, he fulfils the highest standard in assisting human and organizational growth. His personality is like an enzyme and is best utilized in one-to-one sessions together with vibrant living beings. He rediscovered his latent mission (“to inspire other to go beyond their potential”) during one of his certification  processes .

2014 - Senior Adviser and Facilitator, Reshape Sverige
2010 - Executive Coach, Global Coaching Alliance
2005 - 2014 Executive Coach Reshape AB
2005 - 2018 Board member FSD AB

-Executive vice President R&D in Perlos Oyj, a company in the electronic/ wireless business. My primary objectives have been to set up customer needs oriented R&D, focusing on the next generation of communication device components.

-Technical Director at Moteco AB, a company in the wireless communications business (RF technology, antennas), where I set up and realized a new direction for R&D and opened up a R&D centre in Singapore. Guided design students in exam work, which resulted in an exhibition at Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen. 2000 - 2002. 
Perlos Oyj acquired Moteco, in December 2001.

-Chairman of the board in Datainnovation AB, Lund. A company in the medical measurement equipment industry. .

-Divisional Director at Danish Technological Institute in Copenhagen
and Aarhus, Denmark. DTI are a service organisation. I had the responsibility for the Industry division, which consisted of 120 consultants and 40 administrative personnel. Main customers were the Danish industry and service sector. 

-Director at Gambro AB, a multinational Swedish company in renal care business. My work was about heading product development (50% software) and quality (in Sweden and Italy) and manufacturing included purchasing (in USA, Italy and Sweden). The outcome of my work was a complete turnaround of the product development department in Sweden and the full integration of the two departments in the development of new products. Another outcome was the establishment of a common unified manufacturing unit consisting of one unit in US, one in Italy and the mother unit in Sweden (these three units were initially competitors with to three different brands). Due to these actions, the areas became more efficient and profitable. Number of employees in my unit were ~500.

-Vice President in Astra Tech AB (a subsidiary of ASTRA AB in Sweden) a
Medical Device Company with sales companies in Europe and US. As vice president my area of responsibility was manufacturing, logistics, quality, internal service and buildings. This work resulted in an improved efficiency, profitability, quality and working conditions for the whole company. Number of employees in my unit were ~100.

-Manager at Ericsson Radar, a military subsidiary of ERICSSON in Sweden. During my time at Ericsson Radar, I headed a manufacturing unit, started up a new development and production (clean room) unit and was project leader for the implementation of a new MRP system, with some 200 simultaneous users. Added to this I participated in the work of changing red figures to black figures, and was responsible for moving a production unit to a different geographic area.
Number of emloyees in my unit were ~250. 

-Manager at RIFA AB, subsidiary of ERICSSON in Sweden, a manufacturer of capacitors. My responsibility was development of power capacitors and I was also program leader for a “reengineering” project, which had as a target to restore company profitability. Number of employees in my unit was 10. 

-Researcher at the National Defence Research Institute in Sweden. My research activities were directed towards “ how to protect electronics during a nuclear attack”. 

-Research and educational assistant at the University of Lund, Sweden. My PhD thesis, “some Chalcogenides as Dopants in Silicon”, dealt with the electrical and optical properties of Selenium and Sulphur doped silicon.


 Mechanical design engineer.
 Bachelor of Science.
 PhD in Physics.
 NLP Master Practitioner
 Diplomerad Coach (Leapfrog AB)
 Certified MBTI I & II user


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