“Taking your business forward is a constant striving for sustainability where you need to be agile, courageous, creative and partner with all your stakeholders, individually and as teams to take a Personal Responsibility for this to happen”


As a sole individual or part of a team, you need to connect YOUR dots before the team dots can be fully understood and connected. Get help discover and connect them in a safe environment, where all aspects of your “connection process” can be mirrored on a sounding board. This setting must build on trust, mutual openness, dialogue, courage and curiosity where the dots can be investigated and questioned by creative minds! The dots are very often in the form of conflicting values, stakeholder impact and personal beliefs, which have been taught or forced upon you, perhaps even suppressing your own authentic values. The same is true for a team where trust building has been non-existent, forcing conflicts to go undisclosed. A facilitator can be the oil in the honing process in change and resilience.

["All real living is meeting"

- Martin Buber]

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To get our individual contribution aligned in a fragmented and individualistic world is your greatest challenge in leadership behaviour. For this to be manageable we need to act in a creative and Personally Responsible way despite the risk of being seen without your usual defence: your mask. How can you in a safe way be unmasked without damaging your integrity and adding value to your stakeholders? What kind of tool can be used from the “unmasking toolbox” available to us? We have experienced that Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is such tool, since it is a “non trait” tool, showing your dominant preferences and how to develop your non-dominant preferences AND communicate this to people around you in a understandable language!

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What do you need to do to create a Sustainable business/organization, a business or organisation that uses less non-renewable resources and adds value to ALL your Stakeholders, over time? How can you square your values with ethics for a trustworthy and productive dialogue with your stakeholders, on equal terms. What kind of indicators fosters a less Un-Sustainable behaviour that attracts employees and investors to your organisation: your revenue from using non-renewable resources in a circular economy; are your bottom line a direct measure of your externalised costs? To execute your Personal Responsibility in an organisation are perhaps the single greatest collective power to trust, in the endeavour of thinking, creating and acting for a less Un-Sustainable future, despite the inherent wickedness of the concept!

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